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Description:To provide the sustainable power products and professional energy solutions.

Shenyang Weilida is a professional distributor and service provider of INNIO Jenbacher gas engines and Cummins diesel generators in northeast of China
Weilida is established in the 90’s and dedicated to the internal combustion engines business for the past 20 years. Our company is the provider of Jenbacher gas engines  imported from Austria and Cummins diesel generators imported or produced by local manufacturer. We also provide the accessories, design, installation, and soundproof solutions for power projects and services of technical support for power system and application program in different industries . 
Our company possesses a professional service team with trained and experienced technicians, who are certificated for mechanical, electrical and commissioning services. We could provide overall, professional and fast-response services for our customers. 
“Service and development for our customer” as our motto for 20 years since the beginning of our company. Cummins diesel generators have made impressive achievement in the business of telecom, military, highway, health care, banks and real estate, etc. Our company wins the recognition of the customers with outstanding, qualified and perfect services. The company has the high reputation and popularity in the business of diesel generators. As the principle of “Credit and customers first”, our company earns customers’ favorable reviews for the impressive and efficient services.
Shenyang Weilida got the authorization of Jenbacher gas engine in 2008 as the earliest  distributor, joining to the new energy and green initiative program. In the beginning, our company was selected as the gas engine provider for CPECC Uzbekistan-China gas pipeline WKC1, BS&BMGMC Project and over the past years, we have provided Jenbacher gas engines for the projects in the field of environment protection, agriculture, petroleum and natural gas and other new energy power industries across the country, making outstanding contributions to energy saving and emission reduction.
Our company has competitive ability of finance, sales, operation and technical services. We have strong faith that we could provide sustainable power products and professional energy solutions to more customers with the support from Jebacher and Cummins. 



ADDRESS : Room 1505, Ruibao Oriental Mansion, Sanyi StreetNo.28-4, Hunnan District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China, 110180

PHONE : +86 24-31696477/6479

ADDRESS : No.200 Shifu Road, Heping District Shenyang City, China 

PHONE : +86 24-23254798/4799/4800

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