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Description:Shenyang Weida engineering equipment Co., Ltd. is the sales and service agent authorized by Cummins company in Liaoning province, responsible for the sales and spare parts supply of "Cummins electric" diesel generator set in Liaoning Province


24Hour Service Hotline : 13940076557

Shenyang Weida engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. is the sales and service agent authorized by Cummins in Liaoning province, responsible for the sales, spare parts supply, maintenance and technical service of "Cummins Electric" diesel generator set in Liaoning Province. The company will fulfill the following service commitments for each Cummins diesel generator set sold by the company:

一、Pre-sale service  The company's professional engineers for the user load analysis, capacity and system selection, installation planning, machine room design, engineering budget and other pre-sales services. The service is provided free of charge.

二、Installation and debugging  Installation and commissioning services include:

1. Design the layout plan of standard installation of unit.
2. Provide the accurate position and routing form information of wiring or cable trench.
3, according to the requirements of the unit to provide the design position of the inlet, exhaust, smoke exhaust pipe reserved holes.
4. Hoist and transport the generator set, and adjust the level of the generator set.
5, install a full set of smoke exhaust, muffler equipment. Including muffler, corrugated shock absorber pipe, smoke exhaust pipe and support hanger.
6. Install the fuel system. Includes a daily fuel tank, an injection and return fuel line connecting the fuel tank to the generator set.

三、Technical training   The company's professional engineers will be the installation, commissioning, operation, repair, maintenance of the equipment to the user's maintenance and technical personnel training. After the equipment is installed and debugged, on-site training will be conducted for the user operators until the user operators fully master the operation technology.

四、After-sales service within the warranty period  Warranty period, the company will the company and the United States cummins power generation units normal operation failure cases of defects is responsible for repair and replace the unqualified parts and cost, including parts changing transportation costs, urgent need parts to provide free air (replacement of defective parts for at least 6 working days after receiving the user notice); Establish detailed technical files for each generator set from the date of installation and commissioning; All repair, maintenance, inspection and other technical data are recorded in detail; Set up user information feedback card, collect users' opinions on the service and make corrections.

五、Service after the warranty period    After the warranty period ends, the company will provide lifelong service to users:

1, free at any time for users to answer the technical problems in the use of operation.
2, with the most preferential price to provide users with the original factory pure parts (including all kinds of filters and special oil, etc.).
3. Provide system software upgrade service for free.

六、After-sales service guarantee system    The after-sales service of Cummins generator set is realized by four services:
First service : Shenyang Weilida Engineering Equipment Co., LTD. The company as the American Cummins company authorized diesel generator sales and service agent, in Shenyang with generator spare parts warehouse, with a large number of consumable and wearing parts; Provide 24-hour service guarantee that the response time is not more than 10 minutes, the city of Shenyang is not more than 2 hours to arrive at the scene, the province is not more than 4 hours to arrive at the scene, at any time to provide users with the most efficient, the most perfect service.
Second service : Shenyang branch of Cummins Company. The organization has more than 10 million yuan of spare parts and maintenance engineers as agents maintenance backup force, to provide users with advanced technical services.Third service: Beijing, where Cummins East Asia is located, has a large number of senior engineers to provide deep technical support for the whole East Asia market.
Fourth service : Cummins east Asia free trade zone in Shanghai has supply market of large spare parts warehouse, all type of commonly used spare parts has large reserves, to ensure that all parts of the country can be anywhere within 10 days to get the necessary spare parts supply, even if the supplied equipment to stop production, also can ensure the user in the type equipment service life period of spare parts, supply of parts;
In addition, in cummins all over the world in each factory, there are corresponding parts warehouse, storage of a large number of various models of parts, to ensure that even if the model has been discontinued, also can be in the service life of the generator set corresponding spare parts, wearing parts supply.



ADDRESS : Room 1505, Ruibao Oriental Mansion, Sanyi StreetNo.28-4, Hunnan District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China, 110180

PHONE : +86 24-31696477/6479

ADDRESS : No.200 Shifu Road, Heping District Shenyang City, China 

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