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The transportation
For land transport, air transport, port, reliable and stable power generation equipment is indispensable.
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Driven by the Belt and Road Initiative, Weida has actively expanded overseas markets and cooperated with EPC general contractors to provide design, supply, commissioning and training services for diesel generator sets.
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Manufacturing case application
How to ensure uninterrupted production without affecting market supply under the condition of tight supply of electricity is the concern of every manufacturing enterprise. In recent years, Weida has provided a stable backup power supply for many customers in the manufacturing industry and guaranteed the production of various factories, including traditional manufacturing industry and high-tech manufacturing industry.
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Emergency mobile power case application
Emergency mobile power supply, as a rescue equipment, is often used for emergency power supply in unfixed places, such as factory emergency power supply, road rescue, water rescue and other applications. Weida provides trailer - and vehicle-mounted diesel generator sets for daily mobile power supply.
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Data center case application
With the increasing demand for data by Internet enterprises, the demand for data centers is increasing. The reliability requirement of power supply system is the focus of data center construction and operation. Cummins Power pursues the goal of power supply reliability.
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Municipal construction and building case application
Large public facilities and buildings, such as convention centres, pension centres, administrative buildings, residential buildings, commercial real estate, hospitals, banks, etc., all need power generation equipment as a stable and reliable emergency backup power source. In particular, diesel generators are indispensable for fire protection purposes. Cummins electric diesel generator set provided by Virida is reliable and reliable.
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